12621 Saginaw Blvd., Suite #107
Fort Worth, TX 76179
Office Phone - (817) 232-5593
Email - service@answastewater.com

Septic Emergency & Builder Line:
Leave a message on the Emergency Line
and someone will call you back shortly!

In Office Hours: M-F 8 am - 2 pm;
In Field and Permitting: 2 pm - 5 pm
ANS Wastewater  -  12621 Saginaw Blvd. Suite #107  -  Fort Worth, TX 76179  -  (817) 232-5593
If the Alarm/Red Light goes off on your

Turn the switch (located on the side of the
(817) 232-5593 for service.  If the office is not
open call the emergency phone number listed
on the office voicemail. Check to be sure the
small clear airline is securely attached to the
bottom of the control box and check breakers
inside the control box and the house's main
breaker box.  Often times the alarm is
triggered due to a loss of power when a
breaker flips.  

If you are having a 'back-up', where your
toilets and drains are running slowly, make
sure to unscrew your clean out lids (located
next to the house underneath the control box,
these are 4' white PVC pipes with removable
lids) to ensure that the back up happens in
your backyard and not your home.  Call the
office at 817-232-5593 to report the problem.